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  • 09/14/17- San Diego Personal Injury Attorney
    Posted by Joel Nevarez of Mova Law Group, Injury Attorneys
    Have you been injured in an accident due to another driver's negligence? Don't wait for your injuries to heal, contact a personal injury attorney today and seek justice now. With practice areas in car accidents, truck accidents, uber accidents, motorcycle accidents and more... More
  • 08/07/17- What to do in the Case of a Broken Dental Implant
    Posted by Khaled Alwan of
    When it comes to broken dental implants, there are 3 common signs. These include experiencing discomfort, observing swelling, or a general feeling of the implants being lose... More
  • 08/02/17- 4 Reasons Why ATP Testing Is Just What the Healthcare Industry Needs
    Posted by Erica Montes of
    Adenosine triphosphate is a nucleotide used as a coenzyme in living cells. It is also known as the ‘molecular unit of currency’ and is responsible for energy transfer that takes place between cells... More
  • 06/26/17- The Distinction Between Lumineers and Porcelain Veneers
    Posted by Marine Martirosyan of
    A healthy-looking smile is much more attainable than in years past due to the introduction of advanced veneers treatments. The history of these restorations extend back to the early 20th century... More
  • 06/21/17- Becoming an Agent of Change - for yourself
    Posted by Sommer Jansssen of AwakINnow Being stuck in a rut is no place to be, but it happens. It's part of adult life. Did you know that according to modern psychology it is actually counter intuitive to redirect? That said, it's sometimes the only answer... More
  • 05/11/17- Six Convicted in Home Health Medicare Fraud Scheme
    Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic
    Four Doctors, Two Others Convicted in $13.6 million Medicare Home Health Care Fraud SchemeBy: Peter Egan NEW ORLEANS, LA - Six people including four doctors were convicted Tuesday, May 09, on charges stemming from a home health care fraud scheme that netted $13.6 million in Medicare reimbursements that were fraudulent in nature.The four doctors and two business executives all worked for or with Abide Home Care Services, which according to federal prosecutors regularly falsified diagnoses in order to artificially inflate Medicare reimbursements. Abide was also accused of falsifying medical records that called for medically unnecessary home health care services.The company was owned by Lisa Crinel, a New Orleans businesswoman who in 2015 pleaded guilty along with Sheila Mathieu, mother of NFL star Tyrann Mathieu.The guilty verdicts followed a month-long trial... More
  • 06/14/17- Food Label Learning 101
    Posted by Dr. Rachel Bright of Dr. Rachel Bright
    Before we begin, let's imagine this particular scenario together: It's Sunday afternoon and you are all prepared for your weekly trip to the grocery store. You have your trusty side kick with you – the detailed and well-thought out food list... More
  • 06/14/17- Get your electrolytes from PURE sources
    Posted by Dr. Rachel Bright of Dr. Rachel Bright
    Writer: Dr. Rachel Bright, ND Hello sunshine and hello sweat! Walk into any grocery store and most likely, the small refrigerated sections will contain bottles of artificially colored and flavored sports drinks a.k.a... More
  • 06/14/17- Let's Juice!
    Posted by Dr. Rachel Bright of Dr. Rachel Bright
    Let's juice! Understand the benefits of juicing and enjoy delicious recipes: Writer: Dr. Rachel Juicing seems to be all the rage nowadays... More
  • 01/04/17- Louisiana Home Health Agency Showing That Quality Matters
    Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic
    Southeast Louisiana Home Health Care Company Excels at Providing Quality Care For years, the United States federal government has been comparatively rating home health care agencies on the basis of quality-of-care. While this information is published online and available for anyone who wishes to look at it, the unfortunate reality is that the overwhelming majority of decisions regarding which home health agency provides care to a given patient are made by doctors, case managers and/or discharge planners who aren't necessarily as invested in the patient's recovery as is the patient and his or her family, and in some cases may even have motives unrelated to the quality of care the patient will receive when deciding which agency to recommend for a given patient. While the general consensus is that this is likely to change over the next few years as reimbursement models shift more towards what is being termed within the industry as "bundling", the fact is that for most of the past three decades and even to an extent still today, a home care agency sees very little difference to their bottom line regardless of whether they provide exemplary care or a very poor standard of care. However, this has not deterred at least one home health agency in southeast Louisiana that has long prided itself on its quality-of-care from providing a standard of care that is so far above the state and nationwide averages in the categories measured by Medicare's "Home Health Compare" it's uncanny and almost hard to believe. EGAN Home Health and Hospice, which was founded in 1988 with a mission to provide the very best in patient care appears to have made good on their founding promise... More


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